Allen ISD Council of PTAs Citizenship Awards are given out to teachers, staff, and parent volunteers who give their time and effort to support our schools. These individuals are nominated because they go above and beyond what is expected and make a difference for our

All-Star Students.

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September 2020


Michele Dickerson

Michele is always willing to jump in and help Anderson PTA. Recently, she created a "Welcome to Kindergarten" gift for our incoming Kinder families. Michele is a true blessing to our Anderson community! Thank you, Michele!

November 2020


Charles Black

Mr. Black always has a fun Music class for the students each week. They enjoy singing along with their favorite songs and hearing the Anderson School Song. He has created a sense of togetherness even when students are apart. 


Melody Pence

Melody goes above and beyond what is regularly required or hoped for as a math teacher. She puts so much work, effort, and creativity into her math lessons to reach all learning types. She had made math fun to learn for children who were horrified of math. Her efforts as a good teacher/citizen in turn help the children feel confidence in learning and become good citizens themselves.

January 2021


Jessica Salomone

Jessica has supported the Anderson PTA for several years by coordinating social media posts and interactions. Even when requests are abundant and require immediate attention, she maintains a well-organized effort and always follows through allowing successful PTA communications.


Caroline Browne

In an effort to increase awareness for the online book fair, Caroline dressed up as a different
character each day. She stood outside of the school at drop off and pick up to promote the book fair.
The weather wasn’t always perfect, but she continued to do so each day that week. It showed great
commitment and determination on her part to be sure all were aware of the book fair. She made an
impression on many. Caroline went above and beyond the traditional role of Book Fair Coordinator!

March 2021


Terri Seitz

Teri Seitz (Nurse Teri) has gone above and beyond her role as school nurse at Anderson. In a year challenged by a pandemic and other health related struggles, Teri has risen to the occasion by checking in on absent students, following health protocols, and ensuring all health regulations are being followed by Anderson's student body. Not only has she stepped up to cover these issues, Teri has continued to give the students of Anderson the utmost care and attention.


Suzanne Endres

Suzanne works tirelessly for the Anderson students to provide quality education and an inclusive experience during this challenging year. She serves as a Resource Aide in her daily role as well as the 1st VP of the PTA. She hosted a fun virtual interactive trivia game during our recent General Membership Meeting that the families enjoyed. Her years at Anderson include many roles and her continuous dedication is greatly appreciated.

May 2021


Margo Cragle

Margo continues to support the Anderson PTA by giving her time even though she has not had a child at our school for several years. In the beginning of the pandemic, Margo would continue to help and support our teachers by working on projects from home. She cuts, staples, assembles, anything that can help. Now, Margo volunteers every week to help in the copy room. She is an asset to our school!


Chris Koder

Mr. Koder has shown tremendous leadership and kindness during this unprecedented school year. He has gone above the call to make programs as interactive and inclusive as possible engaging students, teachers and parents. He continues to inspire those around him with his positivity and dedication to the success of the Anderson students and faculty.


Christine Koutney

Ms. Koutney is our Anderson Newsletter editor. Every week she diligently collects articles, develops a creative layout and publishes the content. She is always accommodating with PTA requests and reliable to keep our Anderson families informed. Her actions are often behind the scenes but the impact is far reaching.


Beth Miller

Mrs. Miller does more than give educational support to students at Anderson. She is the type of person who builds confidence in each student and does all she can to make sure they know they are important. She is a true advocate for the kids. She is positive and looks for the good in all situations. Anderson is lucky to have her!


Duyen Wilson

Duyen is always ready to jump in and help where she can. Most recently, she has volunteered in our copy room. The staff at Anderson truly appreciate her willingness to be one of the copy room experts. She has helped make the teacher's load a little lighter during this challenging school year.

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